Posted by Andrew Bronson on Apr 29, 2018
Armand Huneault, a Lethbridge prosthetist and humanitarian, spoke to our club about his trip to Ecuador to help with humanitarian efforts in the earthquake ravaged areas of North West Ecuador.  A powerful earthquake struct this area in 2016 and many of the traditionally constructed buildings collapsed killing 687 people and injuring thousands.  While Armand was in the coastal area, he made two trips back into the mountains to the PrĂ³tesis Imbabura clinic in Ibarra, Ecuador to fabricate prosthetic limbs for two men.   One of these crippled men had a severely deformed leg and the other had had a motorcycle accident 18 years previously.   Neither man had walked without crutches for years. 
Armand Huneault has volunteered at the Protesis Imbabura clinic for many years.  This clinic does amazing work and the need is great.   Bob and Kit Frank from Ashville, NC have been instrumental in establishing this clinic.  They have trained local people and the clinic is nearly self sustaining.  If anyone wishes to donate to this clinic, click on this link and it will take you to the Go Fund Me website page that has been set up for Protesis Imbabura.  Go Fund Me for Protesis Imbabura
Below are pictures of Armand and his work in Ecuador.  We greatly appreciated Armand's talk and we hope that he will keep us informed of his amazing volunteer work in the field of developing country prosthetics.
This young man now has a prosthetic limb.  
Armand and friend delivering water to earthquake victims.
This man has needed an artificial limb for 18 years.